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The Interop NOC

by Unknown

Published 1994

INTEROP was a well-known trade show in the early 1990's. Amazingly enough, the show network was put together by volunteers. This found footage shows a tour of the NOC and the show floor by NOC Team members. The location is the Las Vegas convention center and the date is 5/16/94.

Run time 6' 37"
Producer Unknown
Sponsor The Interop Company
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: Andrew K Bressen - - October 8, 2007
Subject: some background info
This video is perhaps interesting as a snapshot of history relating to the Internet boom, but is probably not especially interesting to most people. Some of the time-lapse shots of show construction late in the video might be worth a quick look.

And hey, who wouldn't laugh at the story of having to constantly reassure vendors that the subnet mask really was ? I mean, that's comedy gold; we made t-shirts of it. Really, we did.

I'm not positive when this video is actually from; note that the page title says it is the Vegas 1995 show, but the text on the page says Vegas 1994.

But late in the video I see my friend Thalx, and I think he only did Washington DC shows (which were held in 1992 and 1993), so at the very least, the footage used may be of mixed vintages. I've asked one of the mailing lists of show veterans what they think.

The tour guides are Ron Pashby (doing most of the talking) from the University of New Hampshire Interopability Lab, and Bill "WEJ" Jensen (the bearded bald fellow) from the University of Wisconsin. Most of the people who built the show network in the early 1990s were volunteers from academia or on loan from companies exhibiting in the show.

The fellow noting that the team is the "Dallas Cowboys of networking" is Bo Pitsker, who worked for the show fulltime and ran the networking operations.